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Car Guru Fix website bridges the gap between car owners and mechanics. It is a leading hub where car owners post jobs related to their cars and mechanics quote online from nearby garages. It gives a peace of mind to both the drivers and mechanics. Now car owners do not have to spend time on internet searching for mechanics for their vehicle’s repairs or fixes. At the same time, mechanics or garages do not have to spend money on advertising and promotion to generate customer leads.

At Car Guru Fix, car owner’s specific car needs are important and they do not have to worry about their car repairs. With Car Guru Fix, getting certified car mechanic quotes in USA would not be a complicated affair anymore. Car owners can simply register and post a job that their car needs and this will alert the mechanics in the nearby area. The mechanics or the car body technicians in USA will then send a quote on that job which will be kind of an estimate. Car owners will get the opportunity to compare quotes from multiple mechanics and shortlist them based on quote or reviews. Once shortlisted, mechanics will be able to see car owners contact details and they could get in touch to discuss about the quote and book your car in. As a car owner, even you will be able to see mechanic’s contact details and get in touch with them. Upon job completion, car owners will directly pay to the mechanics and leave a feedback.

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If you are curious to make your car riding or driving experience seamlessly enjoyable, then you can count on us. Car Guru Fix is a reputed platform where anyone is eligible to get car service quotes in the USA. Whether you want to repair your car or wish to enhance your driving experience, you can connect with our professionals and receive instant car repairs quote in the USA. Whenever you need a professional help, you should look for our professional mechanics and get lucrative car repair quote in the USA. You just need to tell us what your car repair need may be. We will come to your aid with an affordable car service quotation in the USA. To get a quote for car repair in the USA, you just need to discuss your needs and post a job. Our entire team is proactively working to make car repair estimate in the USA easier. If you are wondering how to find quote to fix my car in the USA, then you have hit the right platform. Here you will get a quote for car repairs and meet your needs seamlessly. Hurry, get quotes from local garage now.


Car Guru fix has made it easy to get certified car mechanic quotes in the USA. If car owners are looking for mobile mechanics, they simply need to post a job and shortlist any Mobile Mechanic for Auto Repair in the USA. Drivers can then get the job done by a Mobile Auto Technician in the USA and directly pay them. Now drivers don’t have to look on the internet for car mechanics near me as this portal provides a reliable option to find a car mechanic near you. Car owners or the drivers also get an option to reach out directly to local car mechanics in the USA and get affordable Auto Body Mechanic Quotes in the USA. Servicing a car has also become easier and convenient as you can seamlessly connect to a Mobile Car mechanic Service in the USA.


Car Guru Fix brings you a trusted platform where auto repair technician registration in the USA can be easily done. Mechanics have to simply signup for providing services through Car Guru Fix and meet new customers in a fuss-free manner. You just need to check the services given on our website at the time of signup and get ready to serve your customers with dedicated car repair solutions. Once registered with us, you can always mend your services in ‘My Services’ section. After registration you will see car repair jobs being posted by the customers. These jobs will have details on it like the car make, model, year of manufacturing, what repairs needs to be done, etc. These jobs will enable you to send quotes to the customers. Customers will then compare your quote with other mechanics and will shortlist as per their preference. Once shortlisted, you will get to see customer’s contact details so that you can directly get in touch with them and book their car in to provide the service. Finally, when the work is done, you directly take payment from the driver and ask for a feedback. Over the time your reputation is built on feedback given by drivers.
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I took my car there to get fixed after I was hit and my rear upper controler arm was bent. They gave me the best estimate, and had the

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I took my car there to get fixed after I was hit and my rear upper controler arm was bent. They gave me the best estimate, and had the

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I took my car there to get fixed after I was hit and my rear upper controler arm was bent. They gave me the best estimate, and had the

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